The PAVE test tells you which PAVE strategies you prefer when solving problems or making decisions.

Answer 12 simple multiple-choice questions. You will receive your personal evaluation by e-mail.


PAVE tests between 15.12.2015 and 25.2.2016 may not have been evaluated due to server problems. The problems have been fixed and the test is working again.

For groups

This service is available to interested individuals and invited groups. For group evaluations in your organisation, please contact us beforehand at


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1.Which advice do you give your children concerning their choice of profession? *
2.You have invited guests for tomorrow night. How do you plan the dinner? *
3.You booked your weekend trip to Paris. This will make for a great trip: *
4.A colleague in your team has an interesting, but daring suggestion to improve things. How do you handle it? *
5.You want to convince your boss of an idea for a project. How do you proceed? *
6.You have got an idea for a non-fiction book. Where do you start? *
7.Your team needs more members. How do you proceed in your search for new employees? *
8.Think of one of the major problems that has not been solved in your line of business. What would it take to solve it? *
9.How do you find out if you can cooperate with someone? *
10.What is the most important thing for you in connection with a difficult investment decision? *
11.A trip to Scotland in May sounds marvellous. But sometimes it rains for a whole week. What do you do? *
12.What would be the best basis for self-employment? *

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